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If you are looking for an exciting new source with the latest technology and competitive prices, the company to look at in North America is EnStar. With our line of portable and mini ductless air conditioning units, Sanyo scroll compressors, air purifiers, heaters, and condensing units, we can offer a more efficient and labors saving designs that are superior to the current suppliers in the HVAC industry.

The innovative design of the EnStar’s portable air conditioners and line of mini ductless units, offers an alternative to the much higher priced Japanese units that have dominated the market while still providing high quality reliable units that will increase your sales and profitability. For further information on these units see our website at
EnStar can also provide individual parts for air conditioning units or under our private label program or we can provide complete units to your specifications. We are also the representative for Dalian Sanyo Compressor Co., Ltd., scroll compressors that offer cooling capacities from 4 to 12 tons.

With our OEM program and extensive contacts in mainland China, EnStar can provide a bridge and solution for all your OUTSOURING needs for virtually any product. By sending us a sample and specifications for your product, EnStar can match your product with a manufacturer that can provide a high quality product at extremely competitive pricing.

If you are looking to invest in a facility in China, EnStar can assist you in all aspects of the acquisition cycle from finding a facility to legal consul, and meeting the necessary government requirements.

EnStar is looking forward to a very exciting future for our customers and dealers.

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