We have many successful cases of helping North American based companies and manufactures locate the right platform in China to produce their products in today’s highly competitive market.


We are the bridge between China and North America connecting you to the China HVAC suppliers, and EnStar believes we have come to the North America market at the right time with the right products and services.


We are a reliable partner whom you can trust to obtain the opportunities in China, and we are just a phone call away, please call us or send us your any inquiry by email. We are waiting!


Today, the landscape in the world economy is changing quickly and dramatically, EnStar hopes everyone will be a winner in the future.



EnStar has been involved in the Chinese HVAC industry for more than 15 years, and we have a very strong background with HVAC manufacturers. Our extensive knowledge in this field has been further increased by joint ventures with Sunwill Electrical Appliances, and business partners such as Gree Electric Appliances, Inc of Zhuahai (China) and Dalian Sanyo Compressor Co., Ltd.,
. Since our primary business focus is the HVAC industry, we can provide superior industry and customer marketing information regarding the products and services within the industry. Our staff has a great knowledge of both the Chinese and North America markets. Our structure for understanding this industry consists of three key elements: technology, industry and the customer.

We need to review the market and industry environment in the United States using statistical data from ARI. The imported revenue sharply increased in the US from 2000 to 2004, with the number of imports recorded increasing an average of 23% per year. This change began in the low end products (e.g. 15,000Btu/h under for room air conditioner), then spread to the high-end products in steps to the other product categories including condensing units ranging from 18,000Btu/h up to 66,000Btu/h. Nowadays, we see made in China products everywhere in the US market . What drives this to happen? The market nature and the major players in this industry. When you see the Wal-Mart stories across the country selling a wide vary of quality products at extremely competitive prices you know the answer. For whatever reason, the consumers
want to pay less, and they are eager to see lower-priced, quality products on the market. On the other hand, the major players need to meet the market demands in order to maintain their market position (keep profit levers), and thus they have to pursue outsourcing and OEM programs outside the North America. Most outsourcing business has most gone to the Fareast, primarily to China. Therefore, we see the major players in the industry making outsourcing a necessity and changing the way industry must do business.

Big players in HVAC industry have taken prompt action to develop business with China, some more aggressively than others, and we have witness big changes in the HVAC industry in recent years. This trend seems unstoppable and will probably continue long into the future. Thus a change in the ranking of the air conditioning manufacturers is inevitable, there is no doubt about it. Anyone who wants to be a winner in the market and the customer in the future must take action now!

EnStar knows China, and we know all the key people throughout the HVAC industry, and we can provide a wide variety of purchased parts and components including metal, rubber, and plastic parts, injected molded parts, tooling, and assemblies of semi-finished and finished products under your private name (OEM program). The manufacturing centers in China can produce high quality parts with competitive prices, and they beat Japan and the US in quantity and revenue in 2004. Product catalogues will spread to the core products in North America. Production of low-end products has been shifted to the Far East, primarily to the China.




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