EnStar is your bridge to the vast business opportunities that await investors and companies looking to acquirer industrial manufacturing facilities in China.

The investor ready to do business in China can acquire valuable manufacturing properties at very attractive prices, that are well equipped and maintained, have experienced professional management, a highly trained and reliable work force, good sources for raw materials, and have a very large local market for their products. Many of these business are under valued, meaning that they offer the opportunity to not only build your product at extremely competitive prices thus graining market share and improving profitably, but also opens the vast markets within China for your products. The timing for your investment in China has never been
better, but needs to be acted upon quickly to achieve the maximum advantage over your competitors.

Your can join the tide of business now going to China and benchmarking the “ American Style” to maximize your return-on-investment, and be the success partner of our “ Role Model Club”.

As a member of the WTO since 2003, China has become increasing more open and diverse in many areas. The Chinese Government is quickly changing the economic field by adopting a more capitalist structure in their business methods. Modern technologies and management have also been introduced into China’s vast industrial complex resulting in significant productivity gains over the past several years.

EnStar’s strategic arrangements we can help you in all phases of acquisitions and investments in China. EnStar can provide complete “beginning to end” assistance in completing your investment or acquisition. Our services include all necessary legal assistance by a US law firm. EnStar has an ongoing relationship with a law firm in Seattle, Washington that has extensive international experience working with American clients in forming relationships with Chinese counterparts for acquiring Chinese assets or equity. The attorneys include native Chinese speakers who are not only seasoned lawyers, but knowledgeable about the Chinese culture and business formalities. With their in-depth understanding of both American and Chinese business transactions, they are able to give sound and effective advice to clients entering into or conducting important business negotiations. We can also offer connections to necessary tax assistance with China, to protection of your investment in China, etc.

EnStar’s investment and acquisition assistance is not limited to the HVAC industry, and we extend to all investors the opportunity to look at products of almost any description including electrical, electronic, mechanical, etc. However, please note that our investment and acquisition assistance is limited to the industrial area, and does not include areas such as banking, financial, stocks, real estate, etc.

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