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1. Fan (Blower) Motor  
2. Copper Tube  
3. Thermostat (Temperature Controller)  
4. 4-Way Reversed Valve  
5. Transformer  
6. (Auxiliary) Heating Element  
7. Metal and Plastic Fan (Blower) Blades  

1.Fan (Blower) Motor

Application. In room air conditioner, condensing unit, air handler, fan coils and any place where the air needed to be driven. Axis. One-side axis and two-size axis are all available. Output range. From 6W and up to 1100W. Technical specifications. A form for three models.

Parts and Components for HVAC

These parts are all available through
the Outsourcing and OEM program only. There are no any ready-made parts and components in stock in US. These parts,
are including, nut not limited to plastic
and metal fan blower blades, copper tube, thermostat, 4-way reversing valve, transformer, heating element, plastic
injection mould, PCB, fan motor, relay, capacitor, contactor, etc.


Plastic-Sealed Motor

Ball-Bearing Type of Motors


Rotor and Stator


2.Copper TubeCategories

Inner-grooved tubes, plain tubes, rod
(round, square, hexagon) and other irregular shape.

Ranges of Thickness: 0.3mm --- 10mm

Ranges of Outside Diameter: 3mm --- 70mm

Package: In coil, or in straight beam.

Application: In duck work, installation and heat

exchangers (fan coils) of air conditioners.

Temperature and Flow Volume Controller All Purpose Push-Button Defrost Thermostat
In-Door Temperature Controller
Snap Action Thermostat


3.Thermostat (Temperature Controller)

Applications. In refrigerating, freezing and air-conditioning and many other locations
where the temperature need to be measured and controlled.

Categories. Thermostats for Electric Cooling Appliances, Electric Heating Appliances,
and Protectors & Starters for Compressors and Motors.

Detail technical information. Available upon request.


4. 4-Way Reversed Valve

Application and Features:
Pilot operated 4-way reversed valves are applied in heat hump appliances like unitary,
split systems, package and room air conditioners.

4-way pilot valve adoption has reliable changeover operation.

Unique device for short cycle prevention is provided.

Designed for instantaneous reversed and operations under small pressure differential
between the high and low side.

Pressure drop across the valve, and valve leakage are minimized.

Provided with drip proof resin encapsulated solenoid coil, water-proof with closure.

UL-listed models available upon request.


Diameter of the tubing connection:
Discharge side of 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Suction side of 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"

Technical Test Specifications:

In ambient temperature of -20~55ºC and relative

humidity of 95%, airtight test pressure:

R22: 2.9Mpa, R407C: 3.3MPa, R410A: 4.15MPa



5. Transformer

Application. In PCB for home appliances,industrial instruments, and telecommunication.
Commutator and Electric Reactor
More detailed technical information available
upon request.


6.(Auxiliary) Heating Element

Category. Single heater tube and assembly ones.

Application. In air handlers, fan coils, many locations where the air need to be heated.

Max length of single heater tube: Up to 2500mm.

Max outside diameter of heater tube: Up to 20mm.

Ranges of single output power: 100W ~ 4000W.

Material of tubes: Stainless steel, brass, coated brass and aluminum.

Material of insulated powder filled inside of the heater tube: Magnesium.

Flexibility: Unlimited form of assembly.

Customization can also be arranged.

TM-RGL067A. Click for higher resolution picture.

TM-RGL053A. Click for higher resolution picture.


7.Metal and Plastic Fan (Blower) Blades

Plastic Axial Flow Fan
Axial Blades Diameter: 135mm ~ 600mm.
Height: 50mm ~ 200mm.
Number of Blades: 3 ~ 6 pieces.

Plastic Centrifugal Flow Fans

Centrifugal Fan Diameter: 100mm ~ 500mm.

Height: 26mm ~ 170mm.

Number of Blades: 7 ~ 59 pieces.

Plastic Cross Flow Fans
Cross Flow Fan Diameter: 61mm ~ 107mm.
Length: 260mm ~ 915mm.
Number of Blades: 22 ~ 42 pieces.
Blade Distribution: Uniform, Non-uniform and

Metal Axial Flow Fans

Diameter: 200mm ~ 1000mm.
Height: 42mm ~ 500mm.
Number of Blades: 3 ~ 10 pieces.
Circulation Flow Volume: 3000 ~ 40000 c.u.m./h
Rotary Speed: 500 ~ 3000rpm





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